The most exciting music event in Los Angeles has opened its doors

Like every year in March, the best of the music world will meet in Los Angeles at the four-day Musexpo. This year, March 17-20. between, the various events of the Expo take place in two parts of the city – Burbank and Hollywood. We were there for the opening last night on Sunset Boulevard. 

Sean Lennon Earned His First Oscar Nomination

The Oscar-nominated creator of the animated short film WAR IS OVER is Sean Ono Lennon, the son of legendary rock legend John Lennon. His mother is no less well-known artist Yoko Ono, the film’s executive producer. Our corresponder reports from Los Angeles.

Klimt to AI-art – LA Art Show 2024

Smoking puffing digital portrait, talking Einstein, disturbing, realistic, covered corpse-installation, collared dog stuck in the wall, a giant polyhedron with infinite interior glass body, real Klimt prints… Just a few startling highlights from one of the world’s largest Art Shows, from Los Angeles. Our reporter was on-site.